Me: late 30s, married, in-love (with the same person I’m married to) and struck with wanderlust. Been career-driven for the last 18 years, and I quit my job with a multi-national company I’d been with for almost 9 years to travel overseas with my mother.  

Mum: 66 years old this year, and has been back-packing for the last 9 years. No tours. We’re talking public transport, hostels and no internet smartphone, but she does use maps. Old school. She sometimes stays with family/ friends, but for the most part, she travels on a budget and stays in youth hostels and catches buses and trains. She’s gone through Europe (Switzerland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, UK, Poland, Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Croatia, Transylvania, Romania, Hungary, Austria), India, Japan, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia and China (Tibet, Mongolia and there’s more to see in a country as vast and as diverse as Europe).

So this blog begins as a log of my travels with mum, my thoughts, and who knows where from here.

Life is short. 

Let the adventure begin. 🙂 

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