Singapore’s secret – where to find the best view of Marina Bay?

Let me start off by saying that I have travelled to Singapore before. And I DID spend more than a night there….but I didn't LOVE it or immerse myself in it the way I normally do. Each place has something to love. Some indefinable quality that makes it the unique place it is. I stayed near Orchard Road, that time. And I think that was the problem. Because Orchard Road = a shopping strip. Not much character. Lots of bright shiny malls, with over priced brandnames I don't like.

So this time, in October, I was eager to try some place else.

And that place was nearly the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Yes. The place that costs up to $600/night or more or something ludicrous. In a hotel that is shaped like a boat on a tripod.

I was travelling for work. And the work function was to be held at the Marina Bay Exhibition Center, so the Marina Bay Sands hotel was the closest choice, but after some thought….we decided NOT to put half-a-grand to a hotel room especially as we needed 3 rooms for a week. Ouch. 

After some research, I found a place. 

A place that has the best view in Singapore (that I could find within the budget I was given, in the timeframe I had, with the googling prowess I possess).

Think about it. If you're IN the $600/night Marina Bay "boat-el", your view's going to be pretty…meh.

Sure, you'll have a pool on the boat-top of your hotel, where you can swim laps…in a pool, which is on a boat, which is on stilts, which then joins a shopping mall that then has a canal in it that is also full of boats that you can sit in to be ferried in the mall  (seriously the Basbushka reference I'm trying to convey is mind blowing).  

BUT…When you stay in Singapore, you want the iconic view of the ferris wheel (Singapore Flyer) thing, that pretty church that's lit up at night (Singapore Catholic Cathedral), the bay, the Art & Science Museum, the 2 durians (Esplanade Theatres by the Bay) and that AWESOME laser light show everynight, shooting out of that mega boat on 3 chopsticks. Amiright??? So if you're paying $600/night, you WON'T be seeing the nightly laser light show your own hotel puts on for the REST OF THE CITY.

So, where can you see all of these buildings from the 1 place? For an "ok, it's Singapore" price?….Well, here's the view we had NOT staying in the "boat-el".


Oh, good morning, Singapore…you look gorgeous (ignore that crane, I don't have Photoshop skillzzzz).


Marina Bay morning


Panaroma….see…the entire Singaoporean skyline boasting session can be yours for LESS than $200/night Singaporean dollars. 


Marina Bay view from hotel


BOOM! This is the view* we had everynight….PEW! PEW! PEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEWPEW!!!!!!! *laser-eye surgery not included.



Where is this place? Well, it's the Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. We booked the Premier floor rooms with access to the Premier/ Executive Lounge (22nd floor). So breakfast view was stunning and some of the rooms also faced this same view. Had some client meetings and met up with old friends in the premier lounge – great place away from the busy reception area to chat. Well worth the money and effort to then take a 10 minute taxi to Marina Bay. 

And after a long day at work, I'd hole up on the lounge of the 22nd floor, wind down with a drink, and enjoy the laser light show that the patrons at the Marina Bay Hotel were so kindly paying for, with their (up to) $600/night rate. 

Thank you, boat-el lovers. Thank YOU. 



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