Varanasi, India

I still don’t really know how to start. 

India is one of my mum’s favourite places. She went there nearly 10 years ago, back-packing through the place. Staying in hostels, catching public transport. Without a smart-phone. She stayed for nearly 3 months. But India was never on my list of places to go. 

She had travelled solo like this for years. But it was that trip to India really made me think about my life…and ultimately I think I had that trip in mind when I left my corporate job to travel with her to Tibet & Nepal.

I didn’t want to look back and regret not experiencing these moments with her. The more years I stayed dedicated at my work, I realised I was waiting for someone to tell me to go. If I didn’t do it, no one else was going to magically tap me on the shoulder and say “go on, go”. 

So really, this blog started because of my mum’s trip to India. 

I admired her to travelling to India. I was fascinated that she loved Varanasi. LOVED it. So this year, when she said she was going back, I made sure I was going to be with her to share the experience and to find out what makes my mum love this place. 

And now I can see why. Here’s a few snaps. Pics say it all. Words will come later.

Dawn boatrides……peaceful. No, there was no smell (I asked these questions too so I figured I best answer them).

This city is ancient….Bustling streets going up towards the Ghats by the river.

Safely wandered around here in early morning and around 8pm at night. 



Preparing for the evening arti (prayers). Bit of a show, tbh, but it felt like a cool outdoor church service. Locals gathered, glowing lights, snacks & souvenirs were sold…it had a carnival type feel. 

Sat next to a herd of cows…

Varanasi is like a cliche you’ve heard so many times…yet when you’re there…despite the elements of sham, the business transactions and the poverty, there is something with a tinge, a stain of magic which is so hard to resist. And yes, now, like my mum, I love Varanasi.




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