Totoro in Shanghai

Under the Shanghai Museum, near the "Old Shanghai Street", linked to the underground metro, there's a "Hong Kong" shopping mall, which has lots of small boutiques, stalls selling knick-knacks, clothes, shoes etc. etc. 

Hidden amongst all this is a game arcade which my husband was immediately drawn to due to his man-child state of mind. He is a big kid, afterall and those shiny lights, the possibility of winning things and the incessant noise was like a siren call to him. Reluctantly, I joined him, believing that our cultural knowledge was somehow being corrupted by this detour. However, I have to say it turned out to be a positive memory of Shanghai. 

I discovered a tank full of Totoros who were simply staring helplessly at me and urged me in their silence to set one of them free. Miraculously, I managed to win this challenge and beat the hook-monster which has beat me many a time in the past.

Shanghai-Totoro, you will forever be a reminder that it is good to  follow one's child-like urges to simply PLAY. 🙂  


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